A turn-key ranch and the hunting has been phenomenal. The Alvarez Ranch is a unique find within this fascinating and beautiful area of the State of Texas.


The Alvarez Ranch is located in the south Texas plains region of the state, approximately half way between Uvalde and Brackettville at the Kinney County line. Access to the ranch is from the Alvarez gate on Hwy 90 heading south on a 40 foot privately owned road.

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Description: The Alvarez Ranch is a superb plus-or-minus 1,040-acre south Texas hunting ranch with a good mix of south Texas brush species, significant elevation changes, sweeping views, and well-manicured pastures, the ranch is a turnkey property ready for enjoyment on day one. 

Wildlife: This region of the state is known for excellent wildlife and whitetail habitat, and that's certainly true of the Alvarez Ranch. Well-maintained hunting stations are positioned throughout the ranch to take advantage of the excellent hunting opportunities here. With one-half of the ranch under high fence and one-half with low fence, this property attracts free-ranging game from the low-fenced neighboring properties, creating excellent hunting opportunities. Whitetail in the range of 170 to 180 have been taken recently, and the ranch is also home to quail, dove, hogs, bobcats, and other varmints.

Minerals: The owner will convey all minerals owned which is believed to be 50% of 840+/- acres. There is no production or mineral lease at this time.

Improvements: A 3,000 square foot metal shed shelters the living quarters, which consist of two mobile homes, one with a 432 square foot wood-framed addition. Electricity is in place, and one well provides drinking water for the ranch and the improvements. 11 Hunting blinds, 13 game feeders, a feed truck, a water truck, a tractor with shredder also convey so the enjoyment starts from the beginning.

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