Wildlife Management

Meek Ranch Sales wants to be sure our ranch buyers have assistance after the sale with their wildlife management

This may include improvements or enhancements to the native deer, exotic deer, bird habitat, or livestock. The major concern most ranch buyers will have is how to maintain ag-exemption tax status, the wild-life tax exemption status, or the conversion from ag-exemption to wildlife exemption. Some new ranch owners will not live on their ranch and may need their ranch managed. Meek Ranch Sales has contacts to assist with all of these services. 

The company below is very well versed in all of these areas and is available for free consultation and estimates.

S & S RANCH SERVICES, LLC. - TYE STEPHENS, Wildlife Biologist Cell 830-486-9815 * Website:  s-sranchservices.com

Tye has over 20 years of experience in Wildlife Management. He graduated from Texas A & M Kingsville with a degree in Range and Wildlife Science. Tye has managed several large ranches and commercial hunting operations in South Texas and the Texas Hill Country. Tye is extremely well versed in all aspects of wildlife and range management.

Disclaimer: The above information is provided by Meek Ranch Sales for informational purposes only. 

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